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Birds and Beaches

Photography as an Artistic Expression by Birdie Gibbs
Feb. 3 through Feb. 5th
Reception Saturday, Feb. 4th from 5:30-8:00pm

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Please join us for our first exhibition of 2023, Birds and Beaches; Photography as an Artistic Expression by Birdie Gibbs will run from Feb. 3 through Feb. 5th.  

With a fabulous reception Saturday, Feb. 4th from 5:30-8:00.  Birdie's breathtaking photography will encompass the entire gallery. This promises to be a gorgeous show. 

Birdie is a wealth of information regarding photography. She is enormously helpful in regards to choosing sizes, locations and colors of works to use to create a beautiful home.

Works in the show can be customized in size and finish. We look forward to sharing this feast for the eyes with you. Thank you in advance for joining us.


Birdie Gibbs's Artist Statement:

As a child, I remember my excitement when the National Geographic Magazine was delivered to our mailbox. I couldn’t wait to look at the many gorgeous photographs and dreamed of going to those places and taking photos of my own. For the past 50 years I’ve used Nikon cameras, first a 35mm, then a DSLR, and now a mirrorless camera along with an iPhone, taking family, travel, and vacation photos.

After retiring from nursing, I have become more focused on photography, and it has become my passion. Self-taught, (except for Photography 101 & 102 40 years ago,) I’ve increased my knowledge though photo clubs and national photography meetings, other photographers, books, podcasts and tutorials, to name a few sources. I practiced daily for several years, taking over 100,000 photos and have worked hard at refining my skills in composition, specific camera skills and techniques, and new processing software and capabilities, trying to find the type and style of photography that defines my passion.

I describe my style at present to be a combination of artistic and realistic, as my vision interprets those feelings of awe, peace, serenity, joy and humor that I experience when immersed in God's beautiful and diverse nature garden. My husband and I live at the beach in Flagler County, Florida, and my photography often includes that stretch of beauty from Hammock Beach Resort to the coquina rocks of Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, and the many birds that frequent those beaches. Each day and each hour, sometimes each minute, the beach has a different mood with a new and unique beauty. I also visit local wetlands and rookeries to capture the beautiful birds that frequent those areas. My goal is to create beautiful photographs that tell a story, or express an emotion.

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Artist Talks

It's All in the Angles-Composition at its Best  
This promises to be an insightful and intriguing discussion as Trish shares her years of experience creating  dynamic compositions.  She will also offer group and/or individual advice on your own artwork. 
Feb. 17th at 5:30

What a Judge Looks For
In this revealing discussion Trish will tell just what she and other judges look for.  She will also offer group and/or individual advice on your own artwork. 
Feb. 24th at 5:30

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